This is an introduction

to the ︎Self Maintenance Resource Center︎

Let us think about this again..

We can do it differently 

More genuinely 
         Let us think about sharing/supporting information 
Knowledge/new thought 
Promoting the continuity of our curiosities 


In bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress she states: 

“The engaged voice must never be fixed and absolute but always changing, always evolving in dialogue with a     world beyond itself.”

It is remarkably imperative to maintain the festering obsession of constant curiosity. Our inspirations die when we believe we have reached the summit of what is only in front of us; a small plot of recycled dry infertile knowledge that has been “handpicked” for our scrolling delight.

We have to participate in Anti-Algorithimic thought and learning.  
We have to continue to search and share and unlearn what we have cultivated in our minds as “valuable” information. All is valuable, all is trash, all is used.

This can not be mindless, as intentionality seems to be an antiquated concept in the world of surface care 

and hand fed/hand picked “recommendations” 

There’s only so much influence

Especially in this

Slow Down Time.


The︎Self Maintenance Resource Center︎is a space of anti-algorithmic sharing of links,PDF’s, and

screenshots entangled together by friends

of friends

of friends.

 expanding on the concept of  the claustrophic “art world.”

           It is a space where no link or information is better than the another. There is no hierarchy of knowledge  

   As stated before:      

All is valuable, all is trash, all is used.

The content is created by artists to not just explore their practices, but to get into what they are

gravitating towards, being pulled into/outof, working through.

Links will only be available for a week and then replaced with the next artist in rotation. We will announce/replace every Tuesday evening.

Tide in, Tide out

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