This is an introduction

to the ︎Self Maintenance Resource Center︎

Let us think about this again..

We can do it differently 

More genuinely 
         Let us think about sharing/supporting information 
Knowledge/new thought 
Promoting the continuity of our curiosities 



 “Perhaps tragedies are only tragedies in the presence of love, which confers meaning to loss. Loss is not felt in the absence of love” - Elizabeth Alexander The Light of the World

For Alexander, desire and love are comfortably housed within grief and loss.

This is a time of seeing and feeling immense loss while navigating a labyrinth of social desolation daily. But through the assumed


we are coming to terms with our surface understanding of the complexities of deep intimacy. Stemming from a queer Black politic, assessing the relationship between artistic production and the complexities of desire, love and self-maintenance requires a critical approach through documentation to trace their mutual influence. Documentation functions as both a process and a product.

︎Self Maintenance Resource Center︎ documents the process and discovery of QTPOC artistic approaches to love, intimacy and desire within a living exhibition. What does it mean to beautifully suffer loudly together? To refuse the whitewashing of romance, care, and the perception of what it means to nurture. Touch was never our problem, a moralistic tight hold on our wrist was. Will our understanding of proximity be forever marked as one of irresponsibility?

Can you come closer to me?

How can I get closer to you?

We are inviting you to think of your relationship to intimacy topographically, biologically relating to or representing the physical distribution of parts or features on the surface of or within an organ or organism. This project generates points of departure through which we address the questions of: What are the innards of the QTPOC relationship to desire, romance, a “love ethic”?


The︎Self Maintenance Resource Center︎is a space of anti-algorithmic sharing of links,PDF’s, and

screenshots entangled together by friends

of friends

of friends.

 expanding on the concept of  the claustrophic “art world.”

           It is a space where no link or information is better than the another. There is no hierarchy of knowledge  

   As stated before:      

All is valuable, all is trash, all is used.

The content is created by artists to not just explore their practices, but to get into what they are

gravitating towards, being pulled into/outof, working through.


Tide in, Tide out

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